Alta White Review

by admin on March 27, 2011

With teeth whitening products’ production and marketing on the growth phase there is rarely a need for people to hesitate to smile. There are so many teeth whitening products available in the market today making it imperative for you to take enough care to conduct a thorough research on the efficacy of each product and their potential to deliver the right results that you want.

It is an easy task now to find teeth whitening products perfectly within your expectations both in terms of budgetary restrictions and quality of the product. You can find numerous methods to whiten your teeth such as bleaching strips, pen, gel, laser and natural bleaching.

With time becoming a constraint more and more people sought after teeth whitening product that can be used in the comfort of their home. And thus have evolved a number of products and Alta White is one among them.

Ingredients of Alta White

When using any product on your teeth you have to take a lot of care since it directly involves with a number of nerves present in the mouth and irreversible damages that might be caused. You cannot take risks with soft parts of your body such as the gums and tongue and the glands associated to them.

Alta white is made from chemical ingredients such as methylparaben and propylparaben, in the liquid portion of its patented two step swab, the liquid and the powder. The powder that is required to be applied following the liquid is made from Magnesium and Aluminum Trihydroxide.

The manufacturers themselves caution you against the chemicals giving enough explanation of possibility of swelling, redness, irritation and pain to persons who may be sensitive to the product. However, finding out whether one is sensitive to the chemical or not is not an easy task. It is hence better not to take risk in the first place.

Alta White promises a sudden change in color of your teeth in as early as 6 days. Can you believe it? This sounds more like scam, doesn’t it?

Even in a dentist’s treatment you have to take more time than that, any at home teeth whitening product promising such fast effects would surely contain chemicals that may corrode the outer surface of your teeth leading to sensitive teeth. Teeth would slowly begin degrading causing more loss than gain.

The whitening is more than 8 shades of what you had in the first place. This is risky because as you get whiter teeth you are getting your teeth corroded too leading to your teeth becoming more susceptible to teeth decay.

Chemicals and bleaching agents give an effect equal to peeling off of the teeth, thus your teeth will become more prone to acid reactions taking place continuously inside your mouth. This may lead to a total loss of teeth. So much for whitening of teeth?

The Free Trial Scam

Beware of Alta White’s free trial scam that requires you to enter all the details of your credit card. They ask you to pay a very nominal amount for sending you the trial pack (just $6.95). There begins the vicious circle, your card is then charged with the full cost of the product month after month even if you do not want it and a membership fee too.

There is a clause given in the fine print which says you need to cancel the order within 14 days from the day you have ordered. However, the free trial product reaches you almost after 10 days and before you can even try to cancel the order, the time exceeds 14 days and you are compelled to pay the full charges of membership i.e., $130.30 from the 15th day and also a packing charge of $12. It is real waste of money.

The worst scenario of customer care

There are a number of toll free numbers that are displayed on their website instructing you to contact them in case of any problems. Well, it sounds very genuine, but have you ever tried any of them. If you have then you would be nodding your head in assertion of how irritatingly bad their customer care is. Many of these numbers do not even exist.

Even if by chance you hit an existing number the customer care executive gives you such vague answers about your queries that you would be left wondering if you have to ring a second time or not.

You could instead buy better teeth whitening products such as Malibu Bright that gives best result without causing any harm due to the matchless ingredient Poly(P).

Malibu Bright

Malibu Bright is one of the best teeth whitening products available in the market, especially due to its unique 3 step teeth whitening procedure that lifts stain, prevent them from arising again and protects the teeth from accumulation of stains throughout the day and also brightens and freshen your teeth forming a protective coat on them.

Since Malibu Bright continuously acts on organic wastes and bacteria which cause bad breath, you need not worry about bad breadth and inconveniences related to it.

The kit

The kit consists of three exclusive products namely the Ultra Whitening Gel containing Poly (P), Deep Protection Oral Rinse and Stain Lifting Spray.

You can use the gel and oral rinse on a daily basis, and when in a hurry or before a business meeting and similar engagements you can easily spray the stain lifting spray. You would be astonished by the effect it gives.

Malibu Bright is better in every sense such as the ingredients quality, effective whitening without bleaching and also protection against any future staining and teeth damage. The completely organic nature of the product is safe and can be used like your regular tooth paste.

Instead of wasting money over Alta White that may cause irritation and sensitivity to your teeth, you could get your teeth whitened using more sophisticated and reliable product – Malibu Bright.

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