Idol White Review

by admin on March 27, 2011

Tainted, blemished and discolored teeth have become a common problem faced by a major portion of people around the world. A whopping 80% of American population has been reported to be suffering from this problem.

There are millions of individuals who are ready to go to any lengths to get a proper and reliable remedy for this problem.

Well, you can however not stop smiling just to conceal the yellowish stain settled on the surface of your teeth, can you?

Such compulsive situations have led to the emergence of a number of teeth whitening products that promise dazzling teeth within no time. Many are however not as good as they claim themselves to be.

Idol white is one such product introduced in the market to take advantage of the vast, inadequately informed customers. The product manufacturers claim that the fully natural ingredients of the teeth whitening pen, as they call it, brings a natural whiteness to your teeth within seconds after application.

Idol White

Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen has been widely advertised to be an efficient teeth whitener and also endorsed by popular celebrity sisters “the Kardashian sisters”. Well if endorsement and advertisements are the only reason for people to buy a product, then of course Idol White seems to be for them.

But there are other things to consider too such as, the credibility of the company introducing the product. The manufacturers of Idol White are the same people who had introduced another teeth whitening product called “dazzling white” earlier. Dazzling White performed terribly in the market and also got involved in too many scams.

The manufacturers then have come up with a different name for the product as Idol White now, and the same history would repeat in no time.

The nonsense ingredients

To buy any product you have to see the ingredients of the product. And more so in products that directly come into contact with your body, importantly the mouth. You would not find any mention of the ingredients on the package or anywhere else in the website about the ingredients of Idol White.

The company claims to have produced a completely natural teeth whitener, but does not have the courage to present them publicly. You would never know even if they pack the normal chemical bleach in beautiful packages.

Free Trial Scam

Idol white is very famous for its free trial scams. They promote their product vehemently proposing free trials and if you are among the gullible and less informed customers, you are sure to fall prey to this.

You would be asked to pay a small amount of $6 for shipping and handling. This is where the trap is set. If innocently you enter your credit card details thinking $6 is nothing, you are in for a shock.

The company begins its billing process of $80 per month whether you want it or not. There have been customers who have unsuccessfully tried to stop the money flow and finally ended up changing their credit card itself. Hence, Beware of Idol Whites free trial scam.

Well, there are other good teeth whiteners which are marketed in a more transparent and trustworthy manner such as the Malibu Bright. The product contains Poly P, an ingredient that fights organic stains which tries to accumulate on the surface of your teeth in the process of whitening them.

Malibu Bright also guards your teeth against sensitivity and pain in the process of preventing further staining. Instead of buying fraudulent and bogus products such as Idol White, you could spend your hard earned money on more worthy teeth whiteners like Malibu Bright.

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