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by admin on September 9, 2011

White and bright teeth give you great, clean, youthful and an attractive look. Though few people have white teeth naturally, they can become discolored and stained with their habits and age.

Drinking beverages like coffee, tea and wine and smoking may also gradually discolor your teeth. So, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening have become almost a passion these days for everyone globally.

With the advancement in science and technology and with the arrival of IT and internet, teeth whitening products have become very familiar to everyone like never before and teeth whitening these days are considered as the fastest developing section of dentistry. However, with so much of marketing gimmicks, you cannot be sure which of these bleaching or teeth whitening products are safe or effective.

While most of the teeth whitening system providers use similar ingredients as the in-office products, they are not so efficient and may not work effectively. One of the biggest drawbacks with typical teeth whitening products is that they are mostly made of bleaching agents or acids which can cause side effects and some times even cause permanent damage to the surface of your teeth.

Malibu Bright, thus, provides a scientifically proven, safe and cost-effective option for you with its high safety profile and speedy action.


Malibu Bright

Malibu Bright is one of the best and highly effective methods of whitening and brightening your teeth’s surface and natural color without corroding the natural tooth surface. This teeth whitening system helps in lightening discoloration and removing stains caused within the enamel of your teeth, thus restoring its natural surface, brightness and color on both superficial and deep levels.

Malibu Bright is a professional at-home teeth whitening system which is based on long research and scientific findings that make it stand unique from the rest of teeth whitening products available in the market.

Malibu Bright Ingredients

The main ingredient of Malibu Bright, Poly(P), was developed by PhD Scholars and Physicians at Stanford University. It had gone through both in-vitro and in-vivo clinical trials, and then it was patented. Poly(P) does not contain any bleaching agents and 100% natural, thus making Malibu Bright one of the best teeth whitening and brightening products that offer outstanding results in a safer way even when used daily.

Once Malibu Bright is applied, the mesh-type polyphosphate sticks powerfully to your teeth and helps in lifting out current stains applying a protective coating to your teeth that lasts for several hours and also finally helps in preventing building up of new stain deposits. Malibu Bright uses natural ingredients which guarantee a quick and also long-term teeth whitening results in a healthy way.

How Does Malibu Bright Work?

The patented ingredient, Poly(P), in the Malibu Bright kit is a specially developed ingredient found by a dedicated group of PhDs and researchers at the University of Stanford. Coming to its chemical formula, it consists of 100% natural materials and it is a mesh-type polyphosphate.

This ingredient acts on your teeth through an easy and simple 3-step process:

Step #1 – Stain Lifting

Poly(P) penetrates into the stains on your teeth at a microscopic level, thus lifting out the stains from the surface of your teeth through breaking and taking off long term deposited layers of tar tar, stains and other tooth debris.

Step #2 – Stain Prevention

Once the stains from your teeth surface is removed, Poly(P) acts on preventing the deposition of stains throughout the day from time to time through forming an unique protective layer on the surface of your teeth.

Step #3 – Brightening & Freshening

Constant and frequent working of Poly(P) continues to develop the natural whitening, evenness and smoothness on the surface of your teeth and also offers you a fresh, pleasant and bacterial-free breath which further brings ideal oral hygiene into your lifestyle.

Malibu Bright Kit

Malibu Bright is a comprehensive trio-pack of teeth whitening system that consists of three teeth whitening components as below, which work in a step-by-step manner:


Poly(P) Ultra Brightening Gel

This should be used just like a regular tooth paste, which should be worked with a tooth brush. It works deep on your teeth while polishing them and offers them an outstanding and ultra-brightness look just in a single usage.

Poly(P) Deep Protection Oral Rinse

This is similar to a typical mouth wash which is used after daily brushing procedure. This component offers a protective covering to your teeth to prevent any future depositing of stains that are resulted from smoking, taking coffee or tea or wine, having sweets and other substances. Though it is not exactly a mouthwash, it can be used effectively as an alternative to mouthwash since it can help you get rid of bacteria and germs offering you a fresh breath throughout the day.

Poly(P) Stain Lifting Spray

This is an easy-to-carry and portable spray which offers additional oral care for your teeth and also powers up the action of deep protection oral rinse. So, any strongest and extra-ordinary stains that could persist after the oral rinse usage will also be eliminated with this. This Spray can be used for instant stain removal and to avoid depositing of stains after intake of coffee, tea, or food.

How much time needed to whiten your teeth with Malibu Bright?

Though you will be able to find the visible “whitening” effect on your teeth during the first usage of the Malibu Bright teeth whitening system, the effective results will be progressive and more evident within days. However, with those who have long term stains or with chronic smoker, it may take a few weeks to achieve permanent results.


Malibu Bright Benefits

  • No bleaching
  • Visibly whiter teeth
  • Does not require separate time
  • Forms a protective coating
  • Prevents further stain formation
  • Freshens breath
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • Does not cause sensitivity
  • Removes bacteria
  • Reduces stains without bleaching
  • Removes organic matter and bacteria that produce foul breath
  • Remove stubborn stains built from coffee, tea, and soda, while protecting against these potential blemishes for future benefit
  • Reduces Stains Without the assistance of Bleaching Agents, and without negating effects like Pain and Sensitivity
  • Immediate and Long-term Benefits!
  • Prevents and Protects Teeth from Future Stains
  • 100%, 60-Day Risk Free Guarantee (Refund)
  • Whitens Teeth BETTER than most other Teeth Whitening Systems


How Malibu Bright is different from bleaching and other teeth whitening products

The following table illustrates how Malibu Bright is different from other so called whitening products in the market


Malibu Bright Other teeth whitening products
1 It consists of its own patented specific Poly(P) as a key ingredient  

They usually do not have any of such ingredients




It does not contain any harmful “bleaching” substances  such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide


They usually contain hydrogen peroxide and  carbomide  or / and alcohol





It is a research-based and clinically proven product. It underwent both in-vitro and in-vivo clinical trials


They are not usually research based, and have been used  for decades just because of lack of awareness in using harmful substances like bleaching agents




It is a total tooth-whitening system which includes its own three poly(p) components – gel, rinse and spray


They mostly come as a single product such as paste, or mouth wash, or rinse




Its offers multiple actions such as whitening,  brightening, breathe freshening and stain prevention


They just bleach your teeth temporarily




It has a high safety profile since it does not have any allergic ingredients like peroxides. So, it is totally free of side effects


They mostly lead to side effects because of usage of bleaching substances. Side effects may include allergy, teeth sensitivity, cavity, pain and so on




The total application time for gel and rinse hardly takes less than 2 minutes every time


They usually take more than an hour for application. Some products need to be left applied overnight





It offers extra benefits like bacteria and germ removal and avoids bad breath


They do not offer any such additional benefits




You will mostly see the results during the first use itself, and more and more effective results with everyday usage


Their results typically appear after repetitive use




It comes with 60-days money back guarantee


Most of the other teeth whitening products do not come with such money back guarantee




The key ingredient, Poly(P), is patented


These are usually generic products with no patents



Where to Buy Malibu Bright?

If you want to take benefit of Malibu Bright’s 60 day money back guarantee, you should buy it from its official website. Each kit of Malibu Bright Poly (P) Trio comes for about a month. A single kit’s cost is $49.99+shipping & handling charges apply. But, when you make multiple purchases, you will get discounts as below.

  • Poly(P) 1 Kit: $49.99
  • Poly(P) 2 Kits: $89.99 (a $10.00 Saving)
  • Poly(P) 3 Kits: $127.50 (a $22.50 Saving)
  • Poly(P) 4 Kits: $160.00 + Free Shipping (a $47.00 Saving)


Malibu Bright teeth whitening system is an excellent alternative process to traditional teeth whitening and bleaching products, since it does not contain any bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide. While other products just bleach your teeth for instantaneous and temporary whitening effect, Poly(P) trio pack of Malibu Bright actually lifts out the stains from your teeth and avoid further building up of stains.

This teeth whitening system is both effective and safe and also offers you an odor-free and fresh breath during the day. There are no side effects like sensitivity is caused with its patented ingredient. In addition, you do not require spending a separate time to use this product. You need to follow it just like regular brushing routine that is done with a tooth paste. You will experience a clean and stain-free effect throughout the day.

If you are not happy with the trio pack for some reason, you can return the product to the manufacturers and claim your money back using its 60 days money back guarantee. The manufacturers of Malibu Bright are offering one of the longest money back guarantees that no other teeth whitening product offers in the market.

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